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Research shows, the KABC-II is a culturally fair cognitive ability test for all the children you serve.

The Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition (KABC-II) is designed to minimize verbal instructions and responses. This gives you in-depth data with less "filtering" due to language.

Backed by extensive research, KABC-II test items contain little cultural content, so children of diverse backgrounds are assessed more fairly. As a result, you can be confident you are getting a true picture of a child’s abilities—even when language difficulties or cultural differences might affect test scores.

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KABC-II ProductsBenefits

  • A dual theoretical foundation—using the Luria neuropsychological model and the Cattell/Horn/Carroll (CHC) approach—helps you obtain the data you need for each individual you test
  • An Optional Knowledge/Crystallized Ability scale, so you can use one test with all children
  • An expanded age range for ages 3 to 18 that allows you to use one test for preschool, elementary, and high school children
  • Full conorming with the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Second Edition (KTEA-II), for in-depth ability/achievement comparisons

Dual theoretical model gives you options

With the KABC-II, you can choose the Cattell-Horn-Carroll model for children from a mainstream cultural and language background. Or if Crystallized Ability would not be a fair indicator of the child’s cognitive ability, you may choose the Luria model which excludes verbal ability. Administer the same subtests on four or five ability scales. Then, interpret the results based on your chosen model. Either approach gives you a global score that is highly valid and that shows small differences between ethnic groups in comparison with other comprehensive ability batteries. In addition, a nonverbal option allows you to assess a child whose verbal skills are significantly limited. A range of scales and subtests gives you a detailed picture of cognitive ability.

Helps answer the referral question

The KABC-II helps you get the information you need to answer questions such as, "Why is this student not performing like other children?" and “What can we do to help?” The KABC-II approach provides insights into how a child receives and processes information, helping you pinpoint cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, fully normed and validated supplemental subtests are offered to allow hypothesis testing. And when an ability/achievement comparison is needed, the KABC-II is fully conormed with the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Second Edition (KTEA-II).

Fun to take, easy to administer

Best of all, children enjoy the tasks that make up the KABC-II! Because most subtests engage children by using novel and colorful stimuli or manipulatives, it’s easy to administer the test battery. Examinees focus easily on the activities, so you know results reflect their best efforts. And that means more efficient testing and more accurate, useful data.

Do you test examinees who speak both Spanish and English?

Although the Knowledge/Crystallized Ability subtests must be administered in English, correct responses in other languages are given credit. The KABC-II provides correct Spanish-language responses and teaching text on the easels and record form. This makes scoring easier and more accurate.

KABC-II Resource Center

The KABC-II Resource Center is designed to help you stay current with the latest updates and news, and to gather your feedback on products and services related to the KABC-II. Visit the resource center to see how we support the professionals who use the KABC-II in their practices.

Score tests easily and accurately with the ASSIST™

ASSIST SoftwareQuick and accurate, the ASSIST software program makes scoring and reporting even simpler with four analysis options, including:

  • Score summary
  • Scale profile
  • Achievement/ability comparison
  • Additional diagnostic information for hypothesis generation

How Do I Learn More about the KABC-II?

  • Contact your Measurement Consultant - our Measurement Consultants are experts in the field of cognitive assessments.
  • Read the research - there's a growing body of evidence to support the reduction of test score differences among ethnic groups.
  • Visit the KABC-II product pages and online store at the main Pearson Assessments/AGS Web site

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